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  At Moses Drilling Company, LLC, we are a family owned and operated business. We have been performing geothermal drilling since 1987 as a drilling contractor and since1993 as a loop/piping contractor. We are Kentucky water well certified, IGSHPA certified, a WaterFurnace GSC, and hold various certificates for schools and trainings attended.
 We presently operate three rigs, a 2006 T450WS, a 2007 T450WS & a 2011 T450WS, all manufactured by Schramm.

  We also have grouting trailers for commercial and residential grouting applications, flush carts for both commercial and residential use, conductivity testing equipment, and many support trucks, trailers and other miscellaneous equipment.

  We specialize in residential and small commercial work. Our residential work consists of drilling approximately 200 homes plus per year…way too many to list individually! We also drill several small commercial projects with fewer than 100 boreholes. Several of our larger residential homes have consisted of between 15 to 35 tons of HVAC.


We provide more than just Geothermal Heating & Cooling services.

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including water well drilling & geological consultation.

    We have expanded our drilling to include larger commercial projects of up to 300 or more bore holes as we have the equipment to do so. Our normal drilling depth for residential work is between 150’ – 200’ deep. We generally use ¾” PE material down the boreholes. The
      commercial drilling has been in the 300’ depth range. We generally use 1” PE material down the boreholes for the commercial work. Well over 90% of our drilling workload is geothermal drilling, but we also drill many water wells each year. Our rigs are tophead air rotary and drill in mostly consolidated material and hard rock drilling.

  Although we don’t install units and do ductwork, we do hook up to several different brands of equipment, including: WaterFurnace, Florida Heat Pump, Trane, Climate Master, Mammoth, and Bard along with many others. We suggest you search the web for questions regarding different brands of equipment and their warranties.





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