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lcawellWater Wells:


We are a Kentucky Water Well licensed company. We specialize in agricultural wells for irrigation use, livestock use and other general uses. We also do potable water wells for your home (potable wells require water sampling which is an added cost).













Water Well Pricing:
Water Well


$2,000 minimum per well for up to 150′ of drilling using a 6″ bit. This includes (1) piece of 20′ PVC well casing and a well cap.

  • $12 per foot after 150′.
  • $7 per foot for 6.25″ PVC Casing 
  • Casing must be at least 10′ into solid bedrock. The state requires a minimum of 20′ to be set.
  • If a larger diameter hole is needed to meet required gallons per minute (g.p.m.), we do offer this service. Please contact us to discuss pricing information.
  • If the well use is for potable water, there is an added charge for water sample testing as required by the state.









IMG_2901aExploration Drilling:


Please contact us to discuss pricing and areas served.













Geothermal Conductivity Specialty ServicesTesting


We offer geothermal test bore drilling and thermal conductivity testing.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and areas served.











GeoIMG_3323thermal Grouting


We offer geothermal grouting for any size job.  Although mostly seen on commercial projects, we also have many requests to grout residential geothermal jobs.  If you are interested in having your geothermal wells grouted during the drilling process, we would be more than happy to discuss this option and provide this service for you.















10592851_523609801106607_5387131509456845847_nGeothermal Loop Flushing


We offer both residential and commercial loop flushing.  We have three different size flush carts to handle almost any loop you can throw at us!  Please contact us to discuss your loop flushing needs.
















IMG_1967Cathode Well Drilling & Grouting


We can drill for cathode installations and we can also grout the wells if needed.